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A few members from climax studios hosted a Questions and Answers event. 
Being able to ask questions directly to high level professionals was a great opportunity.
The event was short and sweet but I came away knowing that this is the industry for me.
There were many people asking questions about their own planned paths specifically and it was interesting to see that the value of those planned routes only comes down to what is most relevant to the projects available. This leads me to believe that the bigger companies with more projects have better job safety in comparison to a smaller company with less projects on at once with small teams preferring a more flexible individual that specialises in one area but is able to do others.
Another thing of note was people asking about free lance sound design. Climax said that they receive a lot of free lance sound people but only have a small number of sound designers in house.

Climax Q&A 051218b.jpg
SignConference 071118b.jpg

SIGN 2018


The Southern Independent Games Developers Conference was great.

Starting off with Cloud Imperium followed by a speaker from Rare. 

I was unable to stay for the whole day but I thought it was great to see the difference between a speaker from a AAA company and a smaller independent company.

I always thought that AAA companies would be missing an element of passion because of their size but it is just as evident as it is in indie companies.

This is the first talk I've been to and it won't be the last. It was very informative and a great chance to meet people in the industry.

Engagement in industry: Past Events
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