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Getting started with Unreal in C++

Updated: Jun 23, 2020

This was 2019, no idea why Wix has put it as 2018.

Well this was an adventure.

I made 3 approaches to this project for Uni. First starting with a template, then starting from scratch using the template as a reference. These two attempts failed miserably.

The final attempt; I bought a book again. The Unreal Engine 4.x Scripting with C++ Cookbook. I swear this blog is going to look like a plug for books on amazon or something.

Anyways this book was great. and I ended up with a state pattern for player control of spawning structures and switching to weapons and what not; AI path finding with environment awareness and, to be fair, a lot of fun solving the problems that came about.

Another great resource I used for this is Game Programming Patterns and Design patterns.

I will update this post in the future with all the "fun" I had and replace the video with something more substantial, this is just a clip I needed to quickly capture for the video submission at Uni and it sums up the project really.

This project scored 80/100. I focused too much on how Unreal uses C++ and not enough on the C++ itself. Silly me.

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